Thank you everyone for a great 2016 and all the support you gave RaddTitan.

As some of you saw we ran some awards at the end of the year and now people have had time to watch here are the results.

***Remember this is for fun and is the opinion of a small number of collectors. By no means suggests we are choosing for everyone, but the pieces we have selected as our choices.

We are aware that everyone will not agree, but that is what makes this hobby more interesting. It would be boring on these groups if we wanted the same pieces in our collections***

To see full discussions and results please watch the attached video.

Thanks again to all the artist and companies who work their asses off to deliver great collectibles to us 🙂

Best Small Statue 2016

Gold – Kylo Ren ArtFX Kotobukiya
Silver – Arkham Batman Iron Studios
Bronze Lobo Iron Studios

Best Sixth Scale Figure 2016

Gold Batman (Batman vs Superman) Sniper Rifle and Tech Cowl Hot toys
Silver Deadpool Hot toys
Bronze Finn First Order Stormtrooper Version Hot toys

Sixth Scale Statue 2016

Gold Dragon Shiryu Tsume Arts
Silver Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) Tweeterhead
Bronze Black Panther Kotobukiya

Best Fifth Scale Statue 2016

Gold Illidan Blizard Entertainment
Silver Grommash Hellscream Blizard Entertainment
Bronze He-man Sideshow Collectibles

Best Female Quarter Scale Statue 2016

Gold – Marilyn Monroe – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Blitzway
Silver Medusa ARH Studios
Bronze Captain Marvel Sideshow Collectibles

Best Male Quarter Scale Statue 2016

Gold Darkness XM Studios
Silver Ghost Rider XM Studios
Bronze Ironman MKVII XM Studios

Best Third Scale Statue 2016

Gold Deathstroke Prime 1 Studios
Silver Lycan Cinemaquette
Bronze Akuma PCS Collectibles

Best Half Scale Bust 2016

Gold Medusa HMO Collectibles
Silver 1984 Terminator Battle Damaged – Terminator Genisys Chronical Collectibles
Bronze Predator Masked Hunter Sideshow Collectibles

Best Lifesized Bust 2016

Gold Medusa Elite Creature Collectibles
Silver Guyver – Dark Hero Elite Creature Collectibles
Bronze T-800 Endoskeleton Sideshow Collectibles

Best Value For Money 2016

Gold Illidan Blizard Entertainment
Silver Kratos on Throne Gaming Heads
Bronze Simon Belmont First 4 Figures

Sleeper Award 2016*

Gold Mystero XM Studios
Silver He-man Sideshow Collectibles
Bronze Vega PCS Collectibles

Best Kit 2016

Gold Beast Bushicollector
Silver Viking Batman Caleb Nefzen
Bronze Adam Warlock Vs Thanos Bushicollector

Best Custom Statue

Gold Kratos Aarón Rey Pérez
Silver Spider Gwen Salt and Pepper Studios
Bronze Cyclops Private commission

Biggest Shock 2016

Spider-man 2099 – Prime 1 Studios

Prime 1 Studios buying out Imaginarium Art

Failure to Communicate 2016 ARH Studios

Best Customer Service 2016 Sideshow Collectibles

Fall From Grace Award 2016 Imaginarium Art

Best Company 2016 XM Studios

Most Disappointing 2016

Gold Liu Kang PCS Collectibles
Silver Spider-man Iron Studios
Bronze Loki Sideshow Collectibles

Most Anticipated 2017

Gold Cable XM Studios
Silver Venom XM Studios
Bronze Frank Miller Batman Prime 1 Studios

Statues to keep an eye out for in 2017

Gold Guyver Prime 1 Studios
Silver Thundercats Diorama Kinetiquettes
Bronze Carnage XM Studios

Companies to look out for in 2017 (No Rank)

HMO Collectibles
First 4 Figures

Best Painter 2016
James Tce

Best 3d Sculptor
Daniel Bell

*Sleeper Award goes to the pieces that may not have got a lot of credit when being shown, but are predicted to be sought after in future.