Wow we made it to 100 shows!!!

Geo and I are constantly surprised by the support we get from all of you and this is our way to give back to you for all you have stood by and supported us over the years.

We would not be doing this if it was not for you and this is our huge giveaway to thank you all.

Huge thank you to the follow companies for helping us to make our 100th show special

First 4 Figures

Tsume Art


Sideshow Collectibles

XM Studios 

Simply complete the 20 RaddTitan themed questions and the highest score will win. The more people enter the more prizes we will give away.

*If more than 1 share the high score the winning names will be ran through to establish a winner.

** The winner will need to cover shipping costs to their given address for the prize (Shipping is from the UK)

*** RaddTitan will not cover customs fees/taxes that may be applied in your country

**** Competition will close on May 31st 2017

*****Winner will be announce on the RaddTian chat following 31st May 2017

******First winner selected will get to choose the prize they desire the most. They can select up to the point the prize scale reached

*******Any winners who do not claim their prize or pay shipping by 14 days after he competition is announced with forfeit their prize to the next person in the line.

******** Their are 6 prizes and due to the reason above 10 names will be drawn to deal with the event covered above.

********* Any prizes not given in this competition will be given in a future competition.

The winners of this competition will receive the following

1-25 Entries

Sent from XM Studios

    • T-shirts

26-65 Entries

    • Hot Toys First Order Stormtrooper

66-100 Entries

Sent from Sideshow Collectibles

    • Hot Toys First Order Stormtrooper Jakku (Exclusive)

101-135 Entries

        • Kinetiquettes Ken Battle of the brothers (Artist Proof)

136-175 Entries

        • Tsume Arts Killer Bee (Unnumbered) Statue

176+ Entries

        • Unnumbered First 4 Figures Artorias Exclusive from the Dark Souls video game

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Good Luck!!!