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Prime1 Studios Batman Beyond Pre Order

Prime1 Studios Half Scale Batman

Prime1 Studios Superman Teaser

Prime1 studios are at it again boys and girls. Damn I used to think XM released loads of teasers.. P1 are releasing teasers faster than a speeding bullet!

Here is the Prime1 studios 1/4 Superman from their DC Comics Justice League line.


What cialis generique you think?


Prime1 Batman Dark knight returns – Preview

Here is a quick teaser of the Prime1 Studios Batman Dark knight returns. In 1/3 scale. This is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the story.


Looks like it will be great, but how many more Batman pieces are we going to see?

Prime 1 Studios TwoFace Preview – Wonderfest 2016

Prime 1 Batman Beyond Preview – Wonderfest 2016

Prime 1 Robin Preview – Wonderfest 2016