RiteGuy Tu

Riteguy Tu in based in UK and can be contacted through Facebook for custom jobs, repaints or repairs.


What/who got you into working in this field?

Well, it starts with a love affair…with comics! I was a comic collector nerd growing up. The passion transferred to statues as an adult.
This introduced me to the concept of sculpture which I later took up as a way to de-stress from my daily job. I helped out a few statue collecting forum friends with some re-sculpts and repairs and word kind of spread from there, I guess…

Where would people have seen your work?

Mostly statue collecting forums like Statueforum, StatueMarvels, Sideshow Freaks, Marvel Customs(french forum), The Clubhouse etc. One of my sculpts won a Daily Deviation award on Deviant art and that kind of added to my notoriety lol. It was this one: http://riteguytu.deviantart.com/art/HELA-finished-148659639

What is your favorite piece you have worked on?

Hard to say. The piece with the most nostalgia associated with it would be the Storm sculpt I made for my wife: http://riteguytu.deviantart.com/…/Wind-rider-painted
The most memorable so far would have to be the frost giant sculpt: http://orig10.deviantart.net/6c46/f/2015/068/3/3/ymir_frost_giant___painted__by_riteguytu-d8l2sot.jpg 
It was my first time molding and casting in clear resin(which is notoriously temperamental). I learned a ton on that one.

What is the piece that someone else has created that you wish was yours?

So many, I can’t count. Mostly made by my favourite sculptors; Troyboy, Thiago Provin, Rvbhal, Clayburn Moore, Kdawg, Ad infinitum

What is your dream piece to be made?

Hmm…perhaps an Avengers action diorama involving every single member of the avengers (yes, Secret Avengers included) ever! There are over 90 members, so, yeah, that would be quite an undertaking!

Ok tough one here.. Who would win in a fight to the death He-man or Lion-o?

Definitely He-Man; he’s the most powerful man in the universe! 🙂