Over the last 75+ years there have been so many iconic comic cover arts. The first two to come to mind for me are Silver surfer #4 and The Incredible Hulk #181. Both covers that mean a lot to me.

Geo’s has to be the Hulk Giant size annual and the Infinity Gauntlet #1. (We limited ourselves to 2 comics each and had to be the first ones we said).

We could easily have a whole post on great comic cover that I will possibly put up in the future, but lets get back on topic haha.

From comic cover to statue

Merchandise companies have been using some of these covers for their items for years on T-shirts, key rings, magnets, note pads… So it is not strange that statue companies have been using them for their designs too.

If it be the Batman # 608 second print Sideshow Collectibles used for Their Batman comic book Premium Format.

Superman # for their Superman comic book Premium Format

Red Sonja # For their Red Sonja comic book Premium Format

Or Batman #612 for the Halimaw Superman vs Batman statue

Next to get the cover to statue treatment!

The latest cover art work to get the statue treatment seem to be the new 52 Batman #39 depicting the joker on a throne of bodies, but here is the kicker not only is there potential for this to come to the statue collecting world, there is also a chance that not 2 companies, but 3 are looking to produce it.

So let us start with the comic cover in question and give you a little background.

Issue details

Name – Endgame Part Five; The Last Smile

Volume – Batman New 52

Release by – DC Comics

Issue Number – 39

Cover Date – April 1, 2015

Story – Scott Snyder

Cover – Greg Capullo & Danny Milki

I have to say I am a huge fan of this cover, it has to be my favorite cover of 2015, maybe even my favorite in the last five years. I love the way it is so dark.

Joker on throne battle begins!

Sorry back on track.. The first company to be a potential in making the piece and at a huge 1/3 scale is…

After their successful and decent looking Aquaman on throne that really did the Dweller of the depths justice(no pun intended). Imaginarium Art is the only company with a possibility of gaining a license to make the piece, but if they was to get past all of the creative blocking that goes on with licensed produces I believe they will make the piece look amazing, but at 1/3 who will have to space to display it.. surely not me..

Next on the list is…

Currently they is a post on their Facebook group which is gauging the interest of this piece being made. Halimaw do some great work and have received a lot of praise for their unlicensed or prototypes (or what ever the latest terms is), we will have to see how they would create this piece as I have not seen anything like it in their portfolio yet. Their design will be in the more display friendly 1/4 scale.

Finally we have the dark horse to this race

Xionart have made a lot of pieces in the past, but to me their latest piece to be splashed all over Facebook is their “Deadpool Kills Marvel”, ( If they deliver on this piece I feel it will show they have the skills to pull off the Joker as it is a fairly similar concept with enough variance to possibly add one of each to a collection (well enough for me to justify it).

They also are looking into making the piece in 1/4 scale and producing by 3d print. So rough 3d work has already begun on this and while in the very early stages it has got me excited for the piece.

Who gets my money?

To finish up I have to say that for display purposes I will go with on of the 1/4 projects. I currently have two 1/5 throne pieces (Sideshow Collectibles Ultron Comiquette and Sideshow Collectibles Ghost Rider Comiquette) and where i think they are both great pieces. I feel they look out of place next to the rest of my 1/4 collection. For that reason I will not be buying the Imaginarium art’s piece, but if you do collect that scale I don’t think you will be disappointed.

I feel that my decision between the other two companies will be made up for me as I will have the privilege of reviewing a friend’s “Deadpool Kill Marvel” statue at the end of the year. If Xionarts delivers on that they will be getting an order from me for sure.