Last year at we had a really good year. Where we saw our hard work had paid off by the huge increase in the support we have been getting from our friends and fans.

At the beginning of last year we set ourselves a handful of goals. Some small and some big, some we felt possible and some we felt were not at the time. Let me set the mood we had 150 at the end of 2014. Geo and I were really happy with the growth of the channel then. So with my beer in my hand and a stupid smile on my face I turned to Geo and said “By the end of 2015 we will have 10 times this number of subs”. We both laughed and continued to drink as though it would never happen.

We achieved this, but literally on the last two days of the year, so close to the wire. Even though the goal was a joke it really blew us away that we made it and made us really happy.

As a celebration Geo and I decided to have something made up to remind us of this achievement.

So after looking through a handful of ideas of what to have made to commemorate this. Which varied from different types of artwork, to even having a statue commissioned (we will leave this for 10,000 subs as it worked out very costly) we came across Lee Jason Sharnock-Smith from He was actually recommended by a friend who had commissioned some work from him (see left and right photos of the Magneto canvas prints).

Check out the interview we did with Lee Here!!!

So now we had an artist, but we needed a design. I sent a few images or art we liked showing both The Silver Surfer and Thanos to Lee and he even sent a few he found back to us. After agreeing on a design there we no turning back 🙂

The reason we chose this design was due to the name Radd Titan. Hopefully you all know the story now, but for those who don’t I will run through it quickly here. Geo and I have been best friends since we was around 5 years old and growing up we have always been geeks in disguise. Always been into movies and comics since I can remember. Well I have always been a really big Silver Surfer fan and one day Geo came over and I had some of the Infinity Gauntlet comics in my house. He looked through and from that moment Thanos was his favorite villain. So when we was spit balling for ideas of what to call the channel (believe me there was some really bad ones) Geo came up with the idea Norrin Radd (Silver Surfer’s Real name) + Thanos (alias “The Mad Titan”) = Radd Titan. And the name was born.

The canvas was hand painted by Lee on a 20 inch x 30 inch canvas and took him around 20 hours over a week to finish. Even the little details of the certificate of authenticity and the holograms on the certificate and corner of the artwork.

During the whole process we were constantly sent update photographs from Lee with the progress of the painting (I did actually try and get Lee to do a time lapse video for me and he even entertained the idea, but we both failed on the technology side haha). Communication was great as I can be a bit of a nag and ask for a lot of updates and he remained calm with me.

The canvas arrived and we are very happy with how it turned out colors are really vibrant, lines are sharp and there is no question of who the characters were meant to be. If I had to go back and change one thing about the painting that would be easy… I would have got 2 as now Geo and I are debating who gets to keep it. He suggested an arm wrestle so we will see…

Thanks for reading.

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