Over the last few years Imaginarium Art has been working hard and making their way up the ranks within the statue community. One of the first projects I remember seeing from them was there concept for the Green Goblin. At first I was not too sure about it as the design was Green Goblin sitting on a chair that resembled something you would see at your grandma’s house or one of those garage sale items you know no one would ever buy. But the interesting thing about the piece was the concept of having the body switch to another base for a totally different pose.

This idea went away for a while and we actually forgot about it till we was sent updates of the new concept. Imaginarium art has been sending us top secret updates throughout the last few months of the pose and idea for the base and I was really impressed by the unique and varied display options it offers.

The one base provides two different poses that I was thinking would make this standout from the rest.

Then Imaginarium go and do this…

They sent across two fully painted head sculpts. Painted by the super talented James Tce.

First off we have the hybrid head.

Secondly the classic head.

We are really excited to see how this piece turns out.

With several companies currently producing the character it is a challenge for companies to make their product stand out, but I believe Imaginarium Art have stepped up to that challenge and have definitely got our attention.

Watch below for a YouTube link of the painted heads.

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