John Allred

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What/who got you into working in this field?

I’ve been painting figures since 1978. Started painting garage kits in 1987 and have written for Kitbuilders Magazine, taught painting classes at Monsterpalooza, Kurt Hammits FearFestevil and Resintopia also helped judge various figure modeler contests around the country. I have also worked for Hollywood Collectibles for a few years as a freelance painter.  I’ve also done many prototypes for figure kit producers over the years.

Where would people have seen your work?

It’s a small community I would imagine like many others most everybody has seen my work at some time.  I’ve had work at Monsterpalooza, San Diego Comic Con and WonderFest.

What is your favorite piece you have worked on?

My favorite pieces are really anything in the monster genre, although I have done many superhero’s for clients.

What is the piece that someone else has created that you wish was yours?

Pieces I would covet would be anything done by Takayuki Takeya.

What is your dream piece to be made?

A dream piece; Most of them have been realized over the years.

Ok tough one here.. Who would win in a fight to the death He-man or Lion-o?

Who would win the battle; He-Man!