Magneto on Throne  is the piece that really put XM Studios on the map for many collectors. It  is arguable one of the best quarter scale collectibles to be created in the last few years and in the eyes of many as the best of all time.

Prices of this piece have reach over 300% the original price and it has become a very desired piece to have in anyone’s collection, if they are a fan of the character or not.

We saw a few months ago when the Resinworx Wolverine vs. Ninjas was recast and another body thrown in the sale. When the edition size of the original Resinworx statue had a run of 100 and the re-cast had a rumoured run of 650.

Original Resinworx Wolverine vs. Ninjas

Now the latest statue to hit the re-cast factories of China in the Magneto on Throne…

With the price increase in this piece and the sheer artwork involved, sadly it was only a matter of time until this happened.

It is rumoured that there is a small run of 30 that have already been sold and assigned to buyers.

Re-casting is a serious crime that affects out community and it is important that it is not supported on any level.

A spokes person from XM has stated “We are trying our best to investigate who and where did this….will take serious action on this. Please spread the words to support licensed companies products. If no people buy recast then re-caster will not cast it that very simple so please unite to banish the buyer….spread the words guys. XM need all the support from you guys”.

If you have any information please contact or through Facebook. All information given will be passed on to XM representatives and names of people reporting will remain confidential.