Iron Studios is a fairly new company to the collecting scene and people took notice when they started to see the Movie versions of Iron man and Captain America.

When these pieces were released it was under the impressing that the Captain America had an edition size of 400 and the Ironman had an edition size of 300.

But from doing my usual daily search through Facebook news I have found that the Captain America has an additional run of 181 pieces. This is close to an increase of nearly 50% of the original announced edition size.

I think both of the these pieces are stunning and really well put together. I mean the sculpt actually looks like the Captain America is wearing real material.

Do not get me wrong I just think that these are still really great looking pieces, but i just think if this was something another company like Sideshow collectibles was to do that people would attack them for it.

I personally do not care about the edition size, but there are a large number of collectors who do. If the edition size of a piece is announced when I buy it or as Sideshow do and say TBA, but to make an announcement and raise it after the fact I think is wrong and deceitful.

I hope Iron Studios can come up with a valid reason for this.

Let me know what you think at

While in the process of typing this post I have received a message from a very reliable source.

Please do not shoot the messenger! I spoke with a IS rep via messaging! He told me this was done as a special request from Marvel/Disney for that region for the Captain America and Iron Man statues due some licensing/rights issues. He said all future releases starting from Spider-man 1/4 will have an unified edition size. No more domestic and international editions.”

So expect the same increase in the Iron man too 🙁