Many of us collectors purchase our displays from Ikea, this can be for many reasons of liking the furniture, easy access to stores or simply that the price is right.

The most common being the Besta units, but collectors also use the glass Detolf displays, which are perfect for 1/6 and taller 1/4 pieces and now with collectibles getting bigger and bigger collectors are even moving towards the wardrobe PAX systems.

Jusy over a year ago Ikea stopped producing the popular Tombos doors and collectors were selling the doors secondhand for over double the retail price (I am very guilty of this at one point).

Collectors were able to but different doors for the Besta displays, but they just were not as popular within the collecting community.

Here is a little peek of one side of my collection with the Tombo doors on display.

Now after nearly 2 years it looks like Ikea have re-released with the name of Fiskviken. They have been seen in stores in Germany and hopefully they will spread to stores nearer to where you live.

I will update you as I see it