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Real Name – Norman Osborn

Aliases – Iron Patriot, Overlord, the Goblin, the Goblin-Lord, “Gobby”

Identity – Publicly known

Citizenship – U.S.A.

Place of Birth – Hartford, Connecticut

First Appearance – Amazing Spider-Man #14 (1964)

Origin – Amazing Spider-Man #40 (1966), Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #14 (1994)

Significant Issues – Appeared riding a broom (Amazing Spider-Man #14, 1964); first time riding the glider (Amazing Spider-Man #17, 1964); first appearance of Green Goblin’s son Harry Osborn (Amazing Spider-Man #31, 1965); Green Goblin’s identity revealed (Amazing Spider-Man #39, 1966); killed Spider-Man’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man #121, 1973); apparent death impaled on own glider (Amazing Spider-Man #122, 1973));becoming the Iron Patriot (Dark Avengers #1, 2009)


Occupation – Government agent; former professional criminal, leader of the Order of the Goblin / Cabal of Scrier, businessman

Known Relatives – Emily Osborn (wife, deceased), Harold “Harry” Osborn (son), Sarah Stacy (daughter), Gabriel Stacy (son), Liz Osborn (daughter-in-law), Norman “Normie” Osborn Jr. (grandson), Amberson “Ambrose” Osborn (father, deceased), Alton Osborn Jr. (grandfather, deceased), Alton Osborn Sr. (great-grandfather, deceased)


Group Affiliation – Formerly H.A.M.M.E.R. (director), Avengers (Osborn’s team) (leader), Thunderbolts (director), Order of the Goblin (leader), Cabal of Scrier (leader), Sinister Twelve, Hellfire Club, Executives Club

Education – College graduate

Physical Attributes

Height – 5’11”

Weight –185 lbs.

Eyes – Blue

Hair – Reddish-brown

Powers – Due to the “Goblin Formula” Norman possesses super-human strength (lifting 9 tons under optimal conditions), increased speed, reflexes, endurance, and healing rate. Though much slower than the likes of Wolverine, he can regenerate damaged tissue and organs. His intelligence has been enhanced to gifted levels, though at the price of his sanity. His involvement with the Gathering of the Five loosened his grip on reality, though he is able to maintain his sanity via chemically treated dermal patches. When not impaired by mental illness, Osborn is a cunning businessman, masterful strategist, and highly skilled at electronics, mechanics, and chemistry.

Abilities – As a result of exposure to the experimental serum, Osborn’s intellect has been greatly enhanced, augmenting his aptitude for genetics, robotics, engineering, and applied chemistry…at the cost of his sanity. His sanity is maintained via chemically treated dermal patches. As The Iron Patriot Osborn is now a Super genius just like iron man’s.


Weapons – Concussive, smoke, gas and incendiary “pumpkin” bombs, gloves capable of channeling pulsed discharges of up to 10,000 volts of high-frequency electric power, flying ‘razor bats’ which ram into and cut things, and a specially designed gas that can nullify Spider-Man’s spider-sense.


Paraphernalia – A vertical thrust “goblin glider”, powered by a miniature turbo-fan. It can reach speeds between 90 to nearly 300 miles per hour and support 400 pounds (including Osborn’s own weight)

About the Statue

Product Details

License – Marvel

Scale – Premium Format™ Figure

Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles

Product Size – 17″ H (431.8mm) x 17″ W (431.8mm) x 16″ D (406.4mm)*

Est. Shipping Weight  – 20.00 lbs (9.07 kg)*

Artists – Martin Canale, Pablo Viggiano, The Gore Group, Kent Elofson