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Real Name – Remy Etienne LeBeau

Aliases – Death, Le Diable Blanc, formerly Robert Lord, Cajun

Identity –Publicly known

Citizenship – U.S.A.

Place of Birth – New Orleans, Louisiana (presumed)

First Appearance – (as Gambit) Uncanny X-Men #266 (1990), (as Death) X-Men #184 (2006)

Origin – Gambit #1 (1999); X-Men #8 (1992)

Significant Issues – Assembled Marauders (Uncanny X-Men #350, 1997); first encountered Storm (Uncanny X-Men #266, 1990); joined X-Men (Uncanny X-Men Annual #14, 1990); began romance with Rogue (X-Men #4, 1992); put on trial by Magneto (Uncanny X-Men #350, 1997); rescued by New Son (Gambit #½, 1999); returned to X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #361/X-Men #81, 1998); regained full powers (Gambit #16, 2000); formed Unified Guild (Gambit #19, 2000); vs New Sun (Gambit #24, 2001); lost powers (X-Treme X-Men #16-19, 2002); powers restored, returned to the Xavier Institute (X-Treme X-Men #46, 2004); joined Apocalypse, became Death (X-Men #184, 2006); rejoined Marauders (X-Men #200, 2007); left Marauders (X-Men #207); rejoined X-Men (X-Men: Legacy Annual #1, 2009)


Occupation – Unknown; formerly thief, adventurer

Known Relatives – Jacques LeBeau (foster grandfather, deceased), Jean-Luc LeBeau (foster father, deceased), Rochelle LeBeau (foster grandmother, deceased), Bella Donna Boudreaux (ex-wife), Henri LeBeau (foster brother, deceased), Mercy LeBeau (sister-in-law), Theoren Marceaux (cousin), Etienne Marceaux (cousin, deceased), Marius Boudreaux (father-in-law, deceased), Julien Boudreaux (brother-in-law, deceased)


Group Affiliation – X-Men; formerly Marauders, Horsemen of Apocalypse, X-Treme Sanctions Executive, Unified Guilds (patriarch), Thieves Guild (patriarch)


Education – No official schooling

Physical Attributes

Height – 6’1″

Weight – 179 lbs.

Eyes – Burning red

Hair  – (Originally) Brown; white(as Death)

Powers – Gambit has the mutant ability to tap into the potential energy contained within an object and transform it into kinetic energy upon touching it. When Gambit thus charges an object and throws it at a target, the object releases this energy explosively on impact. Gambit is unable to use this power to charge living objects. / As Death: He can control deadly gas

After surgery performed by Mister Sinister, Gambit’s powers were restored to their natural potential. He was able to use his power simply by looking at an object that he wished to charge, including living tissue. Gambit could also manipulate the potency of the energy release and could even exercise a measure of control over time. Following his climactic battle with the New Sun, Gambit lost this enhanced level of power.

Gambit’s ability to tap energy also grants him superhuman agility and dexterity, as well as creating a static interference that shields his mind from detection and intrusion by even the most powerful telepaths.

Gambit also possesses a hypnotic charm that allows him to exert a subtle influence over any sentient mind. This power allows Gambit to compel others to believe what he says and agree with anything he suggests. More powerful minds have proven immune to Gambit’s charm.

Abilities – Gambit is bilingual in English and French, and also possesses the ability to throw small objects – including knives, throwing spikes, and playing cards – with extraordinary accuracy. He is also a skilled duelist and fencer.

Paraphernalia – Gambit often wields playing cards and telescopic bo staff.

About the Statue

Product Details

License – Marvel

Scale – Premium Format™ Figure

Manufacturer – Sideshow Collectibles

Product Size – 20″ H (508mm) x 18″ W (457.2mm) x 18″ D (457.2mm)*

Box Size – 20.75″ H (527.05mm) x 14.50″ W (368.3mm) x 9.25″ L (234.95mm)*

Product Weight – 15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)


Est. Shipping Weight -15.00 lbs (6.8 kg)*

Dimensional Weight – 15 lbs*

Int’l Dim. Weight – 20 lbs*

Artists – Tim Hanson, Tony Cipriano, Steve Riojas, Anthony Mestas, Seth Rinaldi, Heath Hammond, Mark Brokaw, The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team