Sideshows new Alien

Over at Radd Titan we was given this news last week, but promised we would keep our lips sealed till more information came out (hard to do), but now the cat is out the bag we can share what we know.

So at the  Zbrush summit 2015 conference images were shown of an Alien design Sideshow have been working on.

They did not give any information to the scale, but over at Radd Titan we know 🙂

The pose shown is called the “Jesus pose of Big Chap”. It is from H R Giger artwork and has his typically look to the alien figure and the base. With the typical pipes and mech detailing.

Radd Titan the piece would have been a Legendary Scale Figure and will be in scale with their Wolf Predator.

Normally LSF means 1/2 scale, but looking back to the Wolf remember this was a small 1/3 (but the Alien and Predator characters are a lot bigger than humans), but we are sorry to say but looking like this will be 1/5

So could still be in an affordable price range

We were also told that Sideshow are working on a new Predator (original) LSF and that too will be 1/3. But will coolprops and possibly Prime1 getting the Predator licence. Do I want to gamble my money on Showshow?

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