You ever look in your bank account and noticed you have a little extra left that month? Happened to me a good few times.

Well it is looking like Sideshow Collectible is going to give you the freedom to make payments early.

I am assuming this has come about from collectors complaining that all of their payments come at once or even when things are delayed and that last payment keeps getting pushed back.

This is only appears on Flex plan items at the moment and is currently visible, but not active.

I think this is a great idea as last month I sold a few items on ebay, so I would happily have paid off a few items from my pre order list. Well instead of doing what I did which was buying friends drinks at the bar…

What do you think of this idea? Email

Big thanks to the beast and legend in collecting Omar Empra Omar for making a post on Facebook about this and bringing it to my attention