So the next statue to take the trip to the recast factory is the grail of grails and arguably one of the best pieces in our hobby.
Sideshow Collectibles Dr Doom on Throne Premium Format Figure.

Doom was crafted by the super talented Gore group (who are responsible for most of Sideshow Collectibles best pieces) back in 2005 Doom went up for $325 and at the time collectors complained that the price was too high. Today if you add a zero on the end and make it $3250 collectors would say you have got a good deal.


The 1/4 Scale Premium Format Doctor Doom figure is seated in a stunningly elaborate throne, adorned with all the trappings of a dictator with designs on world domination. The figure is constructed of hand-painted high-quality polystone, and clothed in a fabric cloak, tunic and hood, completed with a leather belt and pistol holster. The base of the throne is complete with the edition size information and print of the sculptor’s signature.


License                         Marvel

Scale                             Premium Format™ Figure

Manufacturer             Sideshow Collectibles

Product Size               14″ H (355.6mm) x 11″ W (279.4mm) x 13.5″ D (342.9mm)

Box Size                       25.00 lbs (11.34 kg)

So Leaked photos show that a project to recast Doom is under way and from the image seen it looks like over 50 have been made so far.

This is just one of a long line of statues that have been recast. Recently we saw the XM Magneto on throne and the Venom comiquette, while in the past we saw Iron man, Spider-man Comiquette, Hulk Maquette, Kratos Comiquette and many many more.

I will not preach about if it is right of wrong to buy recasts (that is for another post), but personally I would never buy them or knowingly display them in my collection.

What do you think