Sideshow Collectibles Dark Knight Batman Pre-order

Now this is the piece I have been looking forward too since it was sneak peeked on some of the forums and then exhibited at SDCC2015, but I have to say today I was met with a roller coaster of emotions. (well it all lasted less than 10 minutes).

First I was excited to see that on the Sideshow Collectibles website there was a competition to win one of these awesome pieces. So I scrolled down and was met with the section station the piece was 1:5 scale… I was so disappointed to read that after I have decided to focus on 1:4 so this would have made up my mind to pass on this piece.

Then I decided I would put the $1000+ I have saved towards. (factoring in that I would have to buy the Ledger Joker too). I decided on the Venom or Carnage comiquettes…

Then I post my findings on Facebook to my fellow collectors to get their feedback on the situation.

I then check the website to post a screen shot of this and it has been changed to 20″ and the 1:5 scale has been removed.. Sideshow was contacted via live chat and it was all a human error..

Funny to see though how quick I was will to pass on the pieces due to the scale, but back on this and Joker knowing they are the scale I am looking for. (The Venom and Carnage comiquettes will have to wait)

Will 100% be adding both of the Dark knight pieces to my collection.

Pre-order begins 10th September on Sideshow collectibles website

Coming Soon Dark Knight Joker Premium Format