Yo yo peeps!! Geo here!!

I am continuing my VS theme but this week brought me some new challenges and some needed questions answered!!

So it’s deadpool vs deadpool x force variant which are 2 great pieces that we have reviewed and compared on film, but that’s a story for another time!!

For now I want to know what YOU think about the ever growing trend of sideshow variants?

Let’s look at a few…….

[poll id="5"]
[poll id="6"]
[poll id="7"]
[poll id="8"]
[poll id="9"]
[poll id="10"]
[poll id="11"]
[poll id="12"]
[poll id="13"]
[poll id="14"]
[poll id="15"]
[poll id="16"]
[poll id="17"]

I could go on alarmingly!!

I do happen to own the deadpool x force variant and love it thank god as the classic red is gone full retard on secondary market price!! Do that a big plus for me personally!!

Oh I also have the grey variant hulk comiquette (the best hulk ever!!) lol, but with all the hulk comiquettes floating around on eBay the after market prices are so varied you can’t get an accurate value on that piece!!!…… Not so good for me!!

Finally I have the original premium format Batman (masterpiece). it’s got a high edition but I don’t care!…. But that new modern version looks very impressive too!!

Does that hurt me or help me??… I guess time will tell!!

Let us know how you feel by taking a vote above!!!

Much love!… Peace