Romell Chopraa

Romell is mostly known for his Plants  vs Zombies pieces and his rendition of Judge Dredd, but recently he has be receiving a lot of social media time for his work on the Xionart Deadpool on Throne

If you would like more information about Romell check out his portfolio or contact him through Facebook

What/who got you into working in this field?

First of all I am thankful to Radd Titan for selecting me for interview along with many other talented minds. Well, I would say I can’t imagine myself away from art, Since childhood I used to draw. I remember some vague memories of me drawing at my father’s desk which included special editions of THE GREAT ARTISTS. One can find lot of inspiration and mindset by reading these books which I did as well, When I was 4 or 5. So for me art is not any field or line of choice. I live Art and I breathe art. When I was 18 or 19 years old MATRIX TRILOGY was believed to be the turning point of my career. I just moved away with the art and VFX behind every scene. So I decided to make my own scripts (Though they were supposed to be the short films at the start, but that never happened). So professionally I studied digital art, which included some aspects of film making , game art/design, traditional sketching (which is the core of every mind exercise I do, at least I believe in that), and of course mainly using the highly influential ZBRUSH. Now, this is where I found myself interested in. I used to see lot of great works on Pixologic website and I loved those details and art behind it, that I decided to learn it by myself, which took me 4 to 6 months initially to grab the basics of software. I developed my job portfolio (though now when I see it I feel it was very basic haha). Got some local jobs, hence, it is like a roller coaster ride for me for the initial 4 or 5 years. I was into job which includes character art for games and commercials, but like many others I was not satisfied at all with what I was doing that time. Luckily one day I got chance to

work in collectibles & toy industry. And i thank god for that.

Since then I am into 3d printing and collectibles industry. Currently, I am involved in concept arts for games and films, Character art for games, Many collectibles pieces, out of which Deadpool is my favorite one, and I thank Xionart for giving me chance to work on that. The print pictures have been released and i think the final paint job will be a killer one on this. Well so far its good for me. Still beside all professional work i love to spend my private time on personal portfolio. Check out this link for some of the images.

Out of all, the last 7­-8 yrs I still have a passion for film making. Hopefully in near future I will be working for this venture. I am still developing many ideas and portfolio to grab an opportunity in this arena. After all this dream brought me into where I am today. I will keep working hard and hopefully will share some of the latest work very soon. 🙂

Where would people have seen your work?

You may have seen my portfolio online. Which includes personal pieces, some of them got selected in top row gallery for CGFEEDBACK, 3dtotal. Professional works i did with Trueshapes, Unbox industries, Gamingheads, Xionart and many other producers. i will share some pieces i did for them on my website

What is your favorite piece you have worked on?

Well there are many, but since I love to see details in my works, I think Egghead (Fan-art piece), Lolly Monster and Deadpool are my favorites.

I hope there will be more in near future 🙂


Lolly Monster 

What is the piece that someone else has created that you wish was yours?

G.I. JOE SNAKE EYES vs NINJAS diorama form sideshow collectibles.

What is your dream piece to be made?

I wish to work on combat scene from Matrix trilogy. With all Agent Smith clones. Of course it needs to be well directed and planned. I think will be a satisfactory and Holy grail in collectible industry for sure.

Another one would be Samurai Jack character for sure. I love him since my childhood.

Ok tough one here.. Who would win in a fight to the death He-man or Lion-o?

A very tough one i must say haha. i would say HE­ MAN because i feel one should preserve the heroic charisma of this character 🙂