So here we are again for round two!!!
Will it be another win for the old school classics or will team new pull one back???

Today we are talking about Sideshow Collectibles Captain America – OG Premium Format (2006) vs the Captain America – Allied Charge on Hydra  Premium Format (2013) we will be comparing the exclusive versions on both as these are the versions I have seen in hand!!

As I have had the privilege of reviewing both pieces and as Alex owns the newer cap I see it quite regularly which is a bonus!!

So we will start with the classic Captain America – OG which has an edition size of 875 with the exclusive being a switch out soldiers helmet with a bullet hole in it to replace Ultron’s head under caps boot and as it was released in 2006 it is truly one of the originals for sure!!

It’s a monster in regards to weight being 20+lbs, but not in stature as I looked over the fellow collectors prized possessions twice before I noticed he was even there which was a shock to me to be honest!!

Let’s start on the broken bricks and rubble base which I found very thin, flat and although painted very well it had a squished pancake look to the bottom and I was bored of it almost instantly!!

It does not get better beyond the classic boots either as the trousers are more pyjama like than any sabretooth onesie!!

I felt the tailoring and flaring in the trousers seriously unflattering and the buckle forgettable at best but then we get to the torso and WOW!!!

Yay now we are talking!!!

Magnificent, stunning, the gore group have done it again, Martin Canale rules all spring to mind as it has a fantastic body sculpt, but for me that is the only positive as well as the shield being the right size on this one!!!

The pose is stoic and iconic to say the least and from the neck to the waist its exceptional and I love the wings on the helmet, but the face sculpt has barely any features other than a granite chin and the eyes have a similar shape to the XM studios version which there was severe backlash about so clearly Sideshow slipped past with this unnoticed!!

I have heard all the talk about the Grail captain America classic piece with the exclusive selling for £700 – £1600 on the secondary market, but for me and Alex (I will speak for him) this was a big disappointment and the piece was lost among the Superman, Batman, Galactus and Hulks of a collection with it being 19 inches tall with an inch base he has been outgrown by the Giants of today!!

I saw Sideshow’s Classic Thor and said yep I would be happy paying that massive price for this masterpiece!!

I touched Magneto on throne (not there…. Perverts!!)  and I understood it’s a special price for a special piece!!

But this cap made me say “really?? This is it? Are you sure this is the one??”

So Alex managed to bag himself an exclusive Captain America – Allied Charge on Hydra  from Sideshow Collectibles. Which surprised me somewhat due to the fact we are both not big Cap fans and he is meant to be a movie collector!!

The exclusive comes with a switch out Thompson SG machine gun which looks great and fits the pose well although I don’t recall him using guns very often! (again I am not a big fan so don’t shoot me if I am wrong) see what I did there? Lol

The exclusive is of 1000 pieces which for this character in this day and age is very reasonable!!

The pose is more dynamic than its predecessor and the mixed media smashes it to pieces with a utility belt with removable spade, hand gun etc
The head sculpt is a masterpiece and my favourite part of the piece, he looks stoic, composed and his eyes are dreamy!! Lol

This cap looks more mobile and agile compared to the body building Mr Olympia sculpt of the original. Which is where they captured the more movie based look I think!!

I do feel this piece captures a part of the movie franchise as well as the comics and I was surprised how much I liked it!! (More than Alex I think!!)

Now for the negatives……….

I have to say both pieces can get lost in a collection as they both lack presence which is a shame.
The new version shield (retro) is a disgusting joke as it appears like they used a sticker instead of painting it (tut tut tut) and the modern shield is a bit small and dainty!!

I prefer the pose, paint, mixed media and head sculpt on Captain America – Allied Charge on Hydra , but the edition size, base and body sculpt go to the Captain America – OG!!

My purchase advice…….

Buy the Captain America – Allied Charge on Hydra  if you love the modern day Cap who’s athletic, agile and commanding (oh and if you love the films as well as comics) as it is reasonable money and a solid 7-8 out of 10 piece for sure!! (this is where my money would go!!)

If you care more about reputation of a piece or the classics from Sideshow Collectibles and owning something others consider great and you have a fortune to throw away on an average statue then it’s the Captain America – OG you’re after!!

I have had the honour of reviewing some of the pieces considered the best pieces ever made and some have been worthy of that reputation (Wolf Predator LSF, Magneto on throne, Thor Classic and Spider-man Comiquette spring to my mind!) but this is one classic with a big reputation and a bigger price tag that missed the mark for both of us!!

Remember it’s all about opinions and whether you love it or hate it we all stick together as art is subjective!!