Radd Titan Rant

Over here in Radd Titan we are normally very relaxed, well I am (Alex).. Geo not so much, but I have come across a little detail that has really bothered me. Maybe more than it should, but it was actually one of the selling points of me buying the new Green Hulk Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles. Not the main point, but was a factor or me deciding to buy the piece. I am not even going into the paint issues or ill fitting heads that people are complaining about on social media till i get mine in hand.. but here is my rant.

Let me just rewind a little… Back in 2010 Sideshow collectibles released their line of Hulk Comiquettes. Other than the heads and the colors of the pieces being different, there was not other differences to be seen. All had the same pose, same body sculpt and all had the same base. With my order of heads going Grey, Red, Green (best to worst).

Overall the Grey (Review) and Red were pretty well executed, but to me(I believe Geo too) and a lot of other collectors the green head came out terrible and looked like Mike Tyson. Resulting in the red and grey being repainted green or even collectors commissioning artists to resculpt the hair.

My point here is that I always thought it was really lazy of Sideshow to not tweek the pose a little on these or even make some small amendments to the base. Some thing small… Anything!!!

So then when the new trio of Hulk premium formats came up on the Sideshow website I was really happy to see that the measurements were different for the Red (20″ x 20″ x 11″ and 18.5kg), with the Green and Grey at (20″ x 15″ x 19″ and 20kg).

See images below. Sorry for the size , but I wanted the text to be clear.

Now after seeing many in hand photos of the Green and seeing the Red as Geo owns one (Review) it is clear that Sideshow have made the two pieces the same and not put the effort in making them different other than the heads.

In the original prototype photograph from before August 2015 (below left)  it is clear that there is not a plan to have the Hulkbuster hand on the base and the base does look thinner compared to images currently on the website (below right).

I think that if companies are going to make these change to the statues we order, as customers we should be sent an update and be kept in the loop. Part of me can see that with the success of the movie Avengers : Age of Ultron Sideshow could have used it to their advantage. Telling customers “We are excited to announce that now the Green Hulk premium format will come with the Hulkbuster hand to the base as a tribute…”. Sadly I feel this is not the case and Sideshow have just done this as another trick to add to the increasing tactics of saving money. Cast the same base for all, making production costs cheaper and save money 🙁

It is sad that extra was not done to make the pieces different, even after making it appear that was the case when the items went up for pre-order. I mean I would have ordered anyway, but for over a year Geo and I have been discussing that the bases are different and that it is great of sideshow to do this, not cut corners and not do the same as they did previously with the comiquettes.
I will be receiving my Green hulk in less than a week, so Geo and I will be filming a full unboxing and giving our full opinion on the piece.

Looking at the measurements on the website and an image I took from Facebook earlier today it is clear that there is not a 8″ difference in the length or a 5″ difference in the width 🙁