Imaginarium Art make bid for Galactus

Everyone now knows that Imaginarium Art (IA) is not shy about making statues of huge proportions. Their Aquaman was gigantic (96 cm to the top of the trident) and then their Hulkbuster is a total beast (80cm to the highest point), but now they’re making a character that there is no doubt ever that he should be made as big as possible.

Lets us give you some background on the creator of my favorite Hero (the Silver Surfer).. Ladies and gentlemen we give you Galactus!!!


Real Name – Galactus
Gender – Male

Height – 28′ 9″ (variable)

Weight – 36000 lbs (16329 kg) (variable)

Eyes – Brown (originally)

Hair – No Hair

Origin – Survivor of universe, gestated as Galactus within the Cosmic Egg

Place of Birth – Planet Taa (as Galan); The Cosmic Egg (as Galactus)

Creators – Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

Identity – No Dual Identity (Mortal identity unknown to public)

Citizenship – Taan, (as Galan)

Marital Status – Single

Occupation – Planet Devourer, Balance between Eternity and Death, Nullifier of Abraxas’ Influence on the Multiverse.

First Appearance – Fantastic Four #48 (March, 1966)

Aliases – Galan, Galen, Ashta, Devourer of Worlds, Destroyer of Worlds, The Great Destroyer, The Monster of all Worlds, The Hunger That Does Not Cease, god of oblivion, Gah Lak Tus, herald of Franklin Richards, World-Eater/Planet-Killer

Relatives – The Sentience of the previous Universe (“mother”); Galan (“father”/previous incarnation); Eternity (father); Gali (daughter); Tyrant (creation, “son”)

Affiliation – Merged with Gah Lak Tus, Heralds of Galactus; formerly God Squad

Base Of Operations – Worldship (aka Taa II); though he is generally mobile throughout the universe via his spherical starship in search of suitable planets to consume.

The Artwork

Back in around 2010-11 Giorgio Comolo was commissioned to produce some artwork of Galactus. While they were not to be used in any comic book, I have been seeing them all over comic forums for the past few years with fans trying to find out which story the artwork related to. Then more recently on statue collectors groups since the increased popularity of the throne pieces, suggesting this would make an epic piece.

So I have to say I was delighted when I received a message from my friend Danny Lim asking if I knew anymore information about the artwork. I was able to tell Danny all I knew and got in touch with Giorgio to introduce them.

The artwork seems to depict Galactus with an Aztec style to him. Almost looking like he is actually a statue of worship, but I believe it is Galactus in more of a hibernation state. Awaiting to be awoken.

IA have said that the piece will be around 80cms to the highest point. If this is like any of the previous pieces I have seen of theirs it will be solid and weigh a ton. You will honestly need to set aside a corner of your collection room for this badboy.

From the interest already on social media I believe this will sellout quick just like their Hulkbuster which pretty much sold out of it’s 500 edition size it 2 days of pre-orders going live.

So what should IA do to make this statue special?

I believe that IA should stick to the design with the Artwork, but add the iconic Galactus purple and pink colors to it. Make it  battle damaged and worn over the years of slumber. I also think the IA should work with the Artist to product a print to go with the statue. I do not think it should be an ‘exclusive’, but that the print should go will all of the sold pieces.

From what I can see it will look like IA will stick to an edition size of 500. This is the Edition size of their Aquaman and of their Hulkbuster (who I honestly believe they could have made double of these).

As much as I would love to see an ‘exclusive’ small silver surfer to go with this or a collection of the Heralds of Galactus I feel that every time these have been attempted they have come out really tacky looking (Sideshow Maquette and Sideshow Legendary Scale Bust).

If you have any ideas to what could be done to make this extra epic send an Email to (subject Galactus) and I can pass it on to IA.