IA (Imaginarium Art) at STGCC 2015

As I am a bit OCD and I like to have things like this in one place I have just put together a few photo albums of the Mixed scale offering from IA at the latest Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention (2015)

IA are really putting out some great work and after seeing what they have on offer at the latest convention I really think they have a bright future and are a company for collectors to look out for.
This is only a brief collection of photos I have found on Facebook and I would like to thank anyone who took the photos for sharing with the rest of the collecting community who could not attend the show.

Unpainted Statues


Painted Statues (All Scales)

Other Statues

Check out these videos of STGCC 2015

If I have used your photos and you would not like them to be included please send an email to alex@raddtitan.com with a copy of the photo and I will remove.