Bushi Collectorr

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What/who got you into working in this field?

I was reading comic books in the early 80’s, then stopped in the 90’s, then I came back reading it in the beginning of 2000 because of all this superhero movies that were caming back on big screen. It gave me the desire to read comics again…then of course I feel in this statue hobby.

First piece was in 2005. Lately I saw Kurt Alkusyl review then I really start to get mad and addicted. Then I met some awesome collectors and artists who became good friends, like MadxCollector and Xtreem scultures who inspired me to do my own private commissions. That was a new step as a collector, it is nice to have a piece that everybody has, but to have the opportunity to design something only for you, that’s a great feeling. Well I was loving the sculpting part of the hobby collecting statues, but everytime I was buying a statue , I was always un satisfy with the factory paint jobs, and the custom studios was even worst for the paint job part. I understood quickly that it was impossible that the production piece be good as the proto shown. For the simple reason that the proto shown was painted by a pro painter who was passing many houres on it, and the production was painted by many different workers in a factory. If they was passing the same time on the production piece that the proto shown, they will need 10 years to be ready. Also wasn’t fun to go in touch with the seller for some broken issues in shipping. That’s the moment I thought I need to learn how to paint, repar, and customize statues to have exactly what I want. My mother is a canvas painter so I already knew how to do what I wanted with colors. I took a few lessons with a woman who did the school of fine arts in Paris (she repairs Antiques stuff). I then met Kevin Darkspidey who became a true friend. Kevin showed me all the paint ups secret skills specific to comic books statues. I can call him Yoda lol.

My wife helped me as well, for female faces, she is a graduate from a makeup school and to paint statue faces it’s almost the same than a real woman face. That was with the help of all these people that I became a statue painter customizer.

Where would people have seen your work?

What is your favorite piece you have worked on?

I like to paint all the pieces that I like the same way. I refuse to paint a piece if I don’t like it. You can’t be good if you don’t like something. If I really have to choose only one I will say I enjoyed painting the Hulk Keown, sculpted by Sheridan Doose. Because Hulk is my favorite character (along with Superman).

About design, was Sentry sculpted by Daniel Bel from artwork by Mike Deodato.

What is the piece that someone else has created that you wish was yours?

About sculpture there is so many, I wish I could sculpt like Pablo Viggiano. About paint job, I like Mike Najera work.

Galactus sculpted by Pablo Viggiano

King Hulk painted by Mike Najera

What is your dream piece to be made?

A monster diorama 1/4 scale crossover Justice league vs Avengers with 5 characters on each side…you said a dream piece lol

Ok tough one here.. Who would win in a fight to the death He-man or Lion-o?

Poor Lion, He-man of course.