XM Studios Venom Preview

Now who does not love a bit of Eddie Brook as Venom? I have to say that I am a huge fan of the classic Todd Mcfarlane look, while Geo is more towards the Mark Bagley’s look in the great Lethal Protector 6 part series.

Mcfarlane’s Venom

Bagely’s Venom

Now XM Studios have announced that they are releasing their version of Venom and it looks like a more bulkier version. Hoping this does not mean it is the Mac Gargan (Scorpion) version and bulky as in the Venom in the Madness series where he faces off against Juggernault.

Mac Gargan as Venom

Mac Gargan as Venom

Venom The Madness 3 comic mini run

XM Preview

Sorry back on track haha. He are the latest preview of the XM Venom and I will update this post as and when more photo are available.

Enjoy 🙂