Sideshow got across to the East coast this year and brought a wide range of statues to show, but pretty sure all of these were in San Diego 2015. The only difference was Supergirl’s new hand position that changed from the heavily criticized poorly executed salute (Shown in SDCC2015) to now looking like she just smelt a fart, is in shock and is trying to fan it away. Not sure which is better… or worse…

Before SDCC2015

After NYCC2015

Court of the dead

Shard a mortal rising

Queen of the dead

Death Siren

Kier Valkyrie of the dead

Dark Knight Premium Formats

Dark Knight Batman

Dark Knight Batman

Dark Knight Joker

Dark Knight Joker

A few others, but nothing new…

Red Sonja

Red Sonja

Lady Death

Spider-man Black variant

Sideshow managed to also bring a few more pieces across, such as New Storm trooper, Boba Fett, Batgirl, Classic Catwoman, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Spider-man… Zzzzzz. But all of these have been shown before or have even been received already by collectors.

I have to say there was a lot on offer from Sideshow, but nothing new. Maybe they should have saved a few of their pieces from SDCC for NYCC…