PCS Mortal Kombat Kintaro teaser

If you love the Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat video game series (and come on really who doesn’t?) then Pop Culture Shock is definitely the place to look for all of your 1/4 scale statue-video game needs.

Pop Culture Shock do venture in to other line for their statues, but it has to be their video games lines that put them on the map and kept them as one of the leaders in this field.

I already owned the Thundercats Lion-o and Mumm-ra statues released by them and had several on pre-order. I was always sold on their quality, but my partner in crime Geo-man was never sold and always claimed he would never buy or own a PCS piece. So if you remember I actually brought him the PCS Goro (to watch Goro vid click here) as a late birthday gift… This totally made him eat his word and he went on to order the Mortal Kombat X Kotal Khan.

Now let me introduce you to his next dilemma.. PCS announced Kintaro!!! Geo is going to need a bigger display haha

Kintaro background

General Information

Gender – Male

Origin – Outworld

Resides – Outworld

Species – Shokan (Tigrar Lineage)

In Mortal Kombat

Weapons – Saber Teeth (MK:A)

Fighting – Styles Tiger Fist (MK:A)

Games – Mortal Kombat II (sub-boss), Mortal Kombat Trilogy, MK: Deception (cameo), MK: Shaolin Monks (sub-boss), MK: Armageddon (sub-boss), Mortal Kombat (2011) (sub-boss), Mortal Kombat X (Kombat Kard background)