PCS Blanka Exclusive does not sell out.

Blanka from PCS
Blanka by PCS

Pop Culture Shock new Blanka Exclusive has not sold out on the first day of pre orders.
PCS is renowned for the instant sell out of their pieces, with their release of Mortal Kombat’s 1/3 Scorpion selling out in around 10 minutes and the drama of a PCS preorder normally means the following;
-Sending your family out of the house
-Making sure no one else is using your wifi
-Watching the clock till it reaches 15:00(pst)
-Watching the site crash before your very eyes
-Frantically hitting refresh
-When finally getting lucky putting the item in the car
-Paying through Paypal
-Then checking your time to see it you are in for a chance of winning an artist proof

This used to be the regular occurrence when collectors were trying to place their orders through the PCS website, but last night was not the case. Collectors were believed to be lining up to add Blanka to their collections, the final piece from the 12 characters from the original Street fighter world warrior line, but 24 hours after release the exclusive Blanka is still available..

The question on everybody’s mind now is has PCS bubble burst?