Imaginarium Art – Aquaman On Throne

Aquaman on throne is a huge piece that is due to be released by the Singapore based company Imaginarium Art and is up for pre-order now and due to be released first quarter 2016.

Over at team Radd Titan it is special times and we are excited to announce that Imaginarium Art contacted us a few weeks back. By the end of the conversation we had an agreement that they would send us one of  their Aquaman on throne prototypes for us to review.

To cut a long story short the piece arrived on Friday, so Geo and I arranged to meet up and do the unboxing (Geo made me wait about 5 hours from when arrived to when he got to my house, tough times 😉 )

Even after seeing a lot of photos and short videos of the piece we were not prepared for the size of the item…

The box arrived from UPS and the driver looked at me when he arrived, told me I had a delivery and then pretty much waited for me to offer to help him get the box to my house. The box was bigger than the box that my new washing machine turned up in and weighed nearly as much.

When Geo got to me we started to film our unboxing/review and quickly figured out that it was not a one man job to put together.

The parts that make up the statue, the 2 x claws, the Aquaman figure, the seat of the throne and the back of the throne all weigh individually more that some of my 1/4 scale statues.

The size and scale of this totally blew us away and too add the idea that people say with larger sized statues the detail will be lost is not true in the slightest. Going to need a bigger display as at 96cm (height) x 58cm (length) x 55 (width) it is far to big for any of me current Ikea displays.

To Finish up it even though both Geo and I have no appreciation to the character and felt this would affect how we felt towards the piece, we were quickly put in our place and could see the quality and detail that this piece has. Enjoy are review

Visit Imaginarium Art Website for more details 

Aquaman Background

Publication information

Publisher – DC Comics

First appearance – More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941)

Created by – Mort Weisinger Paul Norris

In-story information

Full name – Arthur Curry

Species – Atlantean/Human Hybrid

Place of origin – Atlantis

Team affiliations – Justice League, Black Lantern Corps, The Others

Partnerships – Mera, Garth, Aquagirl (various), Topo

Notable aliases – Orin, The King of the Seven Seas, The Dweller-in-the-Depths, The Aquatic Ace, The Marine Marvel, Terra Firma

Abilities – Telepathy to compel and manipulate sea life, Water adapted physiology, Superhuman strength, stamina, endurance, durability, reflexes, agility, and Enhanced senses, Able to swim at incredible speeds, Long distance jumping, Accelerated healing factor, Master of Atlantean Combat, Multilingual due to telepathy, Invulnerability, Lowlevel hydrokinetic abilities

Aquaman on Throne Imaginarium Art – Teaser

Full Aquaman on Throne Unboxing & Review