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XM Studios Venom Update

Been a long wait and here it is. So excited to see this put together and see XM Studios http://www.laviagraes.com/buy-original-viagra-online work their magic 🙂 I can not wait to see this in hand as Geo has this on order. I am actually really regretting not ordering one myself. What do you think? Wmail Alex@raddtitan.com

Prime1 Studios Superman Teaser

Prime1 studios are at it again boys and girls. Damn I used to think XM released loads of teasers.. P1 are releasing teasers faster than a speeding bullet! Here is the Prime1 studios 1/4 Superman from their DC Comics Justice League line. What cialis generique you think? Email Alex@raddtitan.com

XM Studios Sandman update

As collectors we have really been spoilt with all of the recent updates going around. And here is another one. Here is a printed update of the XM studios Sandman from the Spider-man villains line. But where is there Spider-man?